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Bacalar Life
Derived from the Mayan words "Bak Halal" (place surrounded by reeds), Bacalar is located 23.6 miles northwest of Chetumal, on the shore of a lagoon. The most popular activities in the area include fishing, windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing, rowing, sailing and bird watching. Bacalar Lagoon

Also known as the "Lagoon of Seven Colours", it is 26 miles long and 1.2 miles wide. On the lagoon's beach is the Cenote Azul (Blue Sinkwell), exceptionally transparent despite the fact that it is 295 feet deep, and surrounded by exuberant vegetation.

It is linked to Hondo River through Chaac creek, and a coastal road joins Cenote Azul with the town of Bacalar. A few small hotels and private homes have been built alongside; they are usually busy during weekends and vacation periods.

In the town of Bacalar is San Felipe Fort, built in 1792. At that time there was a lifting bridge and a pit that instead of water had pointed stakes used for defence. Nowadays the pit is a beautiful garden with Mayan and Spanish designs where one can admire machetes, rifles, canyon balls and rattlesnake tails that have a profound significance within the Mayan Religion.

Currently there is a museum in the fort that although small, narrates the general historic development of the zone through maps and drawings where the visitor can see how the ships would get to the lagoon.

How does one get there?

Flying time from Mexico City to Chetumal is two hours, and from there it's another 20 minutes by bus or car. The highway that communicates Chetumal with Bacalar is wide and comfortable for the visitor.


There are beach resorts at the lagoon and in the town of Bacalar, where you can find some tourist services, restaurants and parking. The traditional regattas take place in August of every year in honor of San Joaquin, the town's patron saint.

Business and Investment

Bacalar is having an economic increase due to its beauty and exceptional location, being so close of Chetumal the capital of the state of Quintana Roo, Bacalar offers first class services like an airport, hospitals, schools, universities, restaurants and stores.  Also it is just 30 minutes of the free zone of Belize where you can enjoy casino activities. 

Bacalar is expecting an extraordinary development just like the one that occured in Playa del Carmen in the last 5 years, at this moment the prices of  land and properties is starting to increase so come visit Bacalar, enjoy your stay, and give us a call to show you some of the properties that can represent first an extraordinay place to live in and second an intelligent investment.


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